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Chad A. Filley
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Chad Filley: The Renegade Teacher.

Chad Filley can perform for any audience whether it requires completely clean material, an audience desiring a PG-13 show, or beyond. He has performed for churches, colleges, corporate audiences, comedy clubs, and bars with a seemingly endless range of topics. One recent booker advertised "Chad talks about stuff I didn't think teachers were even supposed to know about."   

Chad took the Minnesota comedy scene by storm in 2010. He has appeared in numerous comedy clubs in the Upper Midwest, California, Alaska, and Las Vegas.

Most of Chad's material comes from his everyday life. With a resume including survival in the trenches of parenthood, matrimony, high school teaching and coaching, and firefighting, he is able to combine these experiences with a humorous spin, helping him turn everyday events into comical stories.

Teaching social studies and sex education at Independent School District No. 666 has given Chad plenty of stand-up ammunition. His beloved school district was named the fifth worst school district in America by Newsweek Magazine(April 1, 2011). Chad's only response was "How bad are four, three, two, and one?"

Chad continues to teach high school and perform comedy with the eventual goal of bringing laughter to everyone he comes into contact with.

Chad lives just north of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area with his wife (Jane), their children, three dogs, and one cat.


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